Powering payments for sport.

Clubfunders is a sports payment platform and mobile application, dedicated to serving families, athletes, clubs and sponsors.

Mobile app

  • Our simple mobile app where families, clubs, brands, and companies can effortlessly receive and manage payments, be it fees, sponsorships, or memberships.

Membership payments

  • Our Cash Back Memberships payments allow fans to earn cash back on purchases, with cashback benefits going towards their club membership, making it financially easier to transition from casual fans to committed members.

API checkout integration

  • Our API product allows for instant transactions and the ability to gather funds from various bank accounts for easy online purchases. It simplifies the process for families and clubs to manage memberships and fees, and also enables clubs and athletes to receive sponsorship payments.

Our mission is to even the playing field. Our vision is helping sport from the community to elite thrive with every transaction.

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