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Clubfunders sports sponsorship payments – making sponsorship fast, easy, flexible, and profitable for this big sporting world

Club Payments fast and easy

  • Request, connect, unlock and receive sponsorship payments for your club from local and global brands and businesses
  • Get daily player fees and membership payments from your members and fans faster
  • Increase participation and grow your club

Athletes get seen and paid

  • Select, connect, align and endorse local to global brands and products
  • Get paid on every product sold with your star influence
  • Spread your club membership and player fees cost across your everyday spending

Brands build awareness from grassroots to a global scale with the power of

  • Select and connect with local to professional sports clubs and athletes to be seen and move more products
  • Reduce expensive marketing costs with Pay as you go and no upfront costs
  • Unleash discounts and rewards to legions of sporting fans of clubs and athletes

Our mission is to even the playing field

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